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Add Stylized Weather Info To Photos With CamWeather For Android

We have seen countless weather apps with several different approaches, but CamWeather delivers on what has crossed my mind quite a few times, and I’m sure there would be others out there too who have wanted something like this. The app works on a simple yet novel idea – it fuses local weather and social elements together, enabling users to share not just the weather for their location with others, but also add a picture to it for their friends to see. In short, let’s say you’re out on a vacation and want to share with others how it is there; you run CamWeather, take a photo, overlay your location and weather information on it, and share away via Instagram, Facebook and more. With several weather layout presets and an interface that even a child can easily understand and use, the app gives a whole new dimension to weather info sharing.

CamWeather-Android CamWeather 2

To upload a picture, you can either snap a new one, or pick an existing one from your Gallery. Whatever choice you make, you will be taken to an image editor where you can crop and rotate the photo. One may think the app could have used some more editing functions at this stage, but worry not; it’s about to make quick business of that task.

CamWeather-6_ CamWeather 4 CamWeather-3_

Before you proceed, make sure you have GPS enabled in your phone’s settings, as CamWeather is going to need that to look up the weather information, and you can’t manually define a location in the app’s settings. Again, this is for keeping the app hassle free and quick in functioning. Once the app determines your location, it will lay out the local weather along on top of your image, complete with details such as barometric pressure, dew point, sunrise/sunset times, UV index, precipitation chances, inches of rain, wind speed and direction, current time and of course, the current location. The Weather panels position and style can be changed by tapping the different cities below, which may seem a bit weird in terms of context, but works like a charm.

Hitting the menu button will bring up the settings menu that offers just a handful of tweaks. There is a choice of two skins for the weather panel, and a between imperial or metric units for the temperature and wind speed. Additionally, you can choose to remove the app’s watermark as well.

CamWeather  2

Once you’re done setting up the picture, you can share it over Facebook, Instagram, or any app installed on your device that supports sharing images. It really is that simple!

The app is available for free from Google Play Store, and is ad-supported.


  • Simple UI
  • Detailed weather data
  • Easy sharing


  • No basic filters for pictures
  • Weather panel is not resizable
  • Weather data does not stick in all layouts

Download CamWeather

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  1. Thanks for this interesting article. It certainly helps to surprise people with proof of micro-climates in some places one wouldn’t expect it.

    Is your picture really from Shah Pur in Pakistan bordering India? Many years ago, I crossed the border south of Shah Pur coming from Islamabad over Lahore to Chandigarh with a Toyota 4×4; I remember the scenery quite differently. Then again, I never went towards Shah Pur ;). You picture looks like places I have been in central Switzerland or Austria or Northern India or certain spots on the Southern Island of New Zealand or somewhere along the Andes :).

    Keep up the really cool and highly informative work on Addictive Tips!

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