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Free VPN Service Spotflux Brings Its Secure Browsing App To Android

A good VPN service isn’t too easy to find, and finding a good free one that works well and continues to do so for an extended period of time rather than just the first couple of months after its release is near impossible. However, Spotflux has been doing all that and more. The service already has apps available for Windows, Mac and iOS, and recently, it finally released one for Android as well. The basic VPN features are free forever, but Spotflux for Android also offers several premium features that require a payment. The app comes with a ten day trial of most premium features that include bandwidth compression, blocking trackers, and keeping you safe from malware.

Spotflux is super-easy to use; there’s no complicated setup involved. If your device is rooted, it will ask for Superuser access in order to work even better, but works fine without that too. It adds two icons to the notification bar; one that indicates if it’s connected or not, and a key icon that shows if you’re protected from tracking and malware (premium feature). Launch the app, tap ‘Enable’ and wait for it to connect. The icon in the notification bar turns green when a connection has been established.

Spotflux Spotflux enable

By default, Spotflux is set to enable itself whenever there is an active internet connection but if you feel you don’t need it to be enabled all the time, you can go to the app’s settings and turn the ‘Connect automatically’ option off. Once the ten-day trial period expires, Spotflux will continue to work as a normal VPN service, but it will no longer protect you from malware or compress your data to help save bandwidth.

Spotflux settings Spotflux bandwidth

One premium feature that you don’t get to try out with your ten-day trial of Spotflux is ‘Add Time’, which allows you to schedule when Spotflux should run. Though you can still get it by using one of the two incentive programs that Spotflux has to offer.

Spotflux as a service has been around for over a year and while it has its downtimes and occasional bugs, they are all usually resolved quite actively and overall, the service continues to work well.

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