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hello sms Is An Android Messaging App With A Neat, Tabbed Interface

If you search for SMS replacement apps for Android, you will find a ton of options available at the Play Store such as Disa, Now SMS and the recently covered EvolveSMS, just to name a few. And while no SMS app has seen as much popularity and acclaim as GO SMS Pro, a new kid on the block named hello sms might redefine a few rules. Carrying a minimal and simple UI, it offers a texting environment you may not have experienced before. Thanks to its barebones UI, hello sms aims to let you send text messages and photos as quickly as you can. The app sports an awesome tab-based UI that ensures quick and easy switching between different conversation when texting. Details after the jump.

I must admit that I really fancied hello sms’ design the moment I first launched it on my device for testing, making it tough on me to switch back to my default messaging app. It’s quite simple, but simple at its best. When launched, you’re presented with the main conversations list carrying photos of your contacts accompanied by their names. Tapping your desired contact shows you the underlying conversation, and the transition between the contacts list and any individual conversation is smooth and snappy. You can also swipe left and right to switch between the conversations list and the currently open conversation.

hello-sms_main_ hello sms_message

New message can also be composed swiftly by tapping the + button. Besides simple texts, hello sms lets you send photos via MMS as well, allowing you to capture and send a photo in mere seconds by tapping the camera icon next to the text compose box. You can either capture a new photo from scratch or select one of the existing images stored on your device.

hello sms_Compose hello sms_Photo

There aren’t a lot of options available on hello’s Settings screen, though you do get to tweak a few basic toggles such as using hello sms as your default messaging app, notification sound, in-app sounds, wake up screen behavior upon receiving new message. and vibration feedback.

hello sms_settings

To sum it up, hello sms is an awesome option if you’re looking for something plain and simple to cater to your texting needs. The app is available for free at Google Play.

Install hello sms from Play Store


  1. love the neat and beautiful interface, but the app is too much simple, even general options in settings are not available,

  2. Just installed this. Loving the simplicity. Some other SMS apps offer simplicity too, but somehow the function of this app makes more sense and is more natural. There’s really only one thing I think could use improvement and that’s a little more visual contrast between sent and received messages in the message view. Great app though.

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