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Hoiio Live For Android & iOS: Contacts Management, Cloud Backup & Syncing Across All Devices

Hoiio Live is a multi-platform customizable contacts management solution for Android and iOS. The app focuses on keeping your contact book uncluttered and in sync with the updated details of the underlying contacts. Using the app, you can create beautiful contact cards, supplement them with information fetched from various social accounts (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and share them with others via mail. Provided there are other Hoiio Live users nearby, the app lets you trace them on a map and send contact requests to the required ones. Each Hoiio Live contact is referred to as a Connection, and any changes made to the contact details by a particular connection are instantly synced across the address books of other users. What’s even better is that the app has the capacity to detect and remove multiple instances of a specific contact from within your address book. That’s not all; once you log in to the app, your personalized contact book is automatically uploaded to the its cloud, and can be accessed from any supported device in fully updated form.

Hoiio Live is a welcome addition to the list of existing mobile contact management apps, like Smartr Contacts, GO Contacts, Evernote Hello and numerous others. The app has been around in the iOS App Store for quite some time, whereas its official Android variant has just recently been released.


Unlike other aforementioned apps, Hoiio Live impresses with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features. It keeps your contacts’ updated details in sync with the Hoiio Live cloud, as well as with the contact books of other app users.

The app’s dashboard has been designed in a way to let you quickly access your personal contact card, suggested contacts, your Hoiio Live phonebook and nearby app users (if any). Hoiio Live’s Lookup feature lets you manually search for worldwide app users, whereas the SafeSync feature (which is responsible for catering to your contact book backup), needs no configuration at all. In this regard, you just need to make sure that the Hoiio Live sync option has been enabled from within the Accounts & Sync screen.


To start using the app’s features, you must first complete the registration process by providing your phone number. Using the verification code, you’ll then need to activate your Hoiio Live account, after which it’s pretty much smooth sailing. Once logged in, the app prompts you to create your own contact card. To help you with automatically filling the card with required details, the app lets you pull information from your Facebook or LinkedIn account. On the app’s dashboard, you can see your total number of Connections as well as the unread Notifications. Calling, texting and mailing to a specific contact is possible from within the app.


Having used both the Android and the iOS clients, I can safely state that the latter holds slight edge over the former in terms of the number of supported features. For instance, the Android variant is currently lacking the card templates, the native Phonebook feature is a bit restricted, and the option to invite friends from supported online services is missing, too. However, if you’re looking for a safe and reliable contact lookup, backup and data syncing solution for your smartphone, Hoiio Live might prove to be an able companion.

Hoiio Live is available in the Google Play Store for free, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run. While the app downloads, you may check out its official intro video.

Download Hoiio Live for Android

Download Hoiio Live for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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  1. I have used CopyTrans Contacts to manage my iPhone contacts directly from my computer. I have found it to be useful, since iPhone contacts can be edited directly from my PC’s keyboard + I can create contact groups, import new contacts or back up my old iPhone contacts.

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