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Now Browser Offers A Clean, Minimal Web Browsing Experience On Android With Flash Support

There is no shortage of web browsers on the Google Play Store. Google Chrome, for instance, is a good choice if you want speed, an impressive UI and plenty of features. Opera, Maxthon, Mercury and Next etc. are also great alternatives to the stock offering, each carrying their own pros and cons. For a look at the best of the bunch, check out this compilation of browser apps that we covered back in 2013. Now Browser is the new kid on the block that provides a fast web browsing experience like Chrome, but what sets it apart is its super-lightweight design, weighing only a few kilobytes. Let’s take a closer look.

The user interface of Now Browser comprises a Mercury-like tab bar with a clean, minimal look, and an address field below with a small gear button on the right to access its menu. It supports Flash playback, allows bookmarking and private browsing.

The app also supports various types of gestures for navigation. For example, swiping left to right takes you forward while the opposite navigates to the previous page within the same tab. Double-tapping anywhere within a page tweaks zoom level to fit the page to the screen, while long-pressing a tab closes it. You can also long-press the back button on your device to exit the browser.

Now Browser_Main Now Browser_Menu Now Browser_Bookmarks

Tapping the small gear button I mentioned earlier gives you access to History, Bookmarks and in-app sharing. From the same screen, you can also launch a new Incognito (private browsing) session, add the current page to bookmarks and navigate to Settings.

Settings screen houses a bunch of settings that you can tweak according to your browsing preferences. For instance, the User Agent can be changed from default to desktop, mobile or custom, location access, full screen mode and Flash Player support can be switched on or off. Other than that, you can change the default search engine, specify the homepage URL, and more from Advanced Settings.

Now Browser_Settings Now Browser_Advanced Setting

Now Browser also has a Pro variant that carries extra perks such as X Connectionsave Mode that saves 3G traffic, JavaScript acceleration, and more. We’ve added Play Store links to both versions below.

Install Now Browser from Play Store (Free)

Install Now Browser Pro from Play Store (Paid)


  1. Now is not a bad browser at all, but the new Dolphin beta is going to make it very tough on all other browsers. I received the update yesterday and this is the fastest browsing experience I have had on any device including desktop and laptop. It is truly a thing of beauty. I only used Dolphin when I needed LastPass for something and used Maxthon or Chrome the rest of the time. With the way Dolphin is re-inventing the experience, I imagine I will finally set a default browser for the fist time since I had Miren running on the EVO 4G.

    If you aren’t running the beta, you can join the Dolphin community on G+ and try it for yourself.

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