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Pinhog Is An Elegant Pinterest Client With Offline Browsing [Android]

Almost a month ago, we covered Gallery+ for Pinterest, a third-party Pinterest client for Android and iOS-powered devices. While users of both said smartphone platforms relished the visual richness and extensive set of features that the app had on offer, it was of more significance to Android users who’re still awaiting the arrival of the official Pinterest app for their platform. In complete honesty, it’s apps like Gallery+ for Pinterest that help Android users enjoy the Pinterest experience on their devices without missing the ‘real deal’ to a great extent. Fresh to the Google Play Store, pinhog for Pinterest is yet another nice-looking unofficial Android client for the popular pinboard-themed social photo-sharing platform. Combining some of the core Pinterest features with a few of its own, the app vows to cement its place as the best and most feature-packed third-party Pinterest client for Android.

Those unfamiliar with the Pinterest’s network structure, it allows users submit photos (referred to as pins) under various category-based albums (referred to as pinboards). As with most social services, users of Pinterest can also explore the shared content, and indulge in various activities, such as re-pinning favorite content, liking and commenting on pins, befriending other users, and establishing their own profiles. Pinhog for Pinterest brings all this and more right on your Android.


The app not only lets you explore the exclusive Pinterest content, but also puts you in control over the way in which you want to go about the exploration. For instance, using the app, you may browse the generic Pinterest galleries or delve into the categories of interest. Common Pinterest actions, like re-pinning, liking and commenting on a particular pin, let you share your sentiments about the item, whereas the app’s integration with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social services make sharing favorite content across various networks a breeze. Tired of already having viewed a specific content again and again? The app also lets you filter out unviewed content.


The app’s list of features doesn’t end here; Pinhog supports convenient pin bookmarking, and lets you access all content in offline mode, too. Won’t have access to the internet throughout the day? Why not avail the app’s scheduled download feature to have your favorite content automatically downloaded to your device as per the set time period. Need to find a pin by keyword? Just hit Menu > Search, feed in the required term and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to bear the unnecessary Pinterest channels on your homescreen, as the app lets you select custom pinboard categories.


To access all said features, the app requires you to log in using your Pinterest account. Still waiting for your Pinterest invitation? The option to log in using the Facebook or Twitter ID is also available. Once all the preferences are in place, you’re ready to enter the Pinterest world that is set up as per your liking. Your chosen pinboard categories are presented at the top, and can be scrolled sideways. Beneath that are all the underlying pins presented on a scrollable interface. The three buttons present at the top let you toggle between viewed and unviewed pins, schedule content downloading, and refresh the selected pinboard’s content manually.

While viewing a specific pin, you can also sneak peek at the time of sharing, as well as the embedded tags. In addition, you can use the toolbar at the top to view the pin via the Pinterest website, like the pin, share it on Facebook or via other compatible apps and/or bookmark it. The options to like, comment on or re-pin a photo are present at the bottom. Swiping on this screen lets you enjoy other photos in tow. Real-time status bar notifications keep you informed of the updated content from under each pinboard.


We’re not done yet; the app’s settings screen (Menu > Preferences) holds some vital options, too. For instance, it’s from this screen that you can toggle the app’s notifications, set the pin image quality, disable the auto-update feature, specify data update frequency, enable updating over Wi-Fi only, and define the cache cleanup frequency.

Download pinhog for Pinterest for Android

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