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Scan Master Might Be The Best Free Document Scanner & PDF Manager For Android

Google Play Store has plenty of quality document scanning Android apps to offer, but most of the available options are either paid or way too feature-restricted to fulfill users’ needs. Fresh to the market, Scan Master is an absolutely free Android document scanner that offers almost all the features that are mostly only available in paid apps from the genre. Besides sporting an easy-to-use scanning tool, the app is equipped with a built-in image editor, document manager, PDF batch processing tool, comprehensive document importer (with Gallery & cloud support), automatic document edge detection, document enhancement tool, advanced file finder & sorter, and PDF document sharing. Using Scan Master, you can manage your PDF files under various custom tags, create PDF documents out of your local & cloud photos, snap multiple document pages in one go, assort documents within a PDF file in a custom order, merge multiple scans together to constitute a single PDF file, and tinker with document enhancement settings to create high quality digital versions of real documents in virtually no time at all.

Scan Master is a welcome addition to the list of previously-reviewed Android document scanners, including Foxitware PDFCamera Scan and HandyScanner. Unlike both said apps, not only is Scan Master totally ad-free, but also merges their key features into a single package.

Scan-Master-Android-Home Scan-Master-Android-Scan

The app’s home screen displays all of the app’s core features. The labels button at the top-right lets you add new tags and filter existing documents by them.

Scan-Master-Android-Edge-Detector Scan-Master-Android-Enchance

Hit the Camera tab, and you’re taken to the app’s scanner. Here, you can toggle flash mode, snap new images and import photos from your Gallery or cloud. Hitting the capture button snaps an image of the document in view, and increments the current document count by one. After all required documents or pages have been scanned, the app lets you edit them one-by-one. To enter edit mode, just long-press the document, and select Re-edit. Options available in the editor include 90-degree rotation, automatic edge detection, a cropping tool and various image enhancement options (contrast, brightness and detailing).

Scan-Master-Android-Scan-Result Scan-Master-Android-Batch

Once done with editing your snaps, you can set their order of appearance, and compile them into a single PDF document with a tap. PDF files generated via Scan Master can be accessed by navigating to the ScanMaster folder on your device’s SD card.

Needless to say, any existing document can be viewed and re-edited right from within the app. If you wish to merge various PDF files into a single PDF document, just hit the Batch tab on the app’s home screen, select required documents, and tap Merge. From the same screen, you may also reassign your documents to a different tag, share select files with colleagues, or delete unwanted documents in bulk.

Scan-Master-Android-Merge Scan-Master-Android-Tags

In short, Scan Master happens to be one handy, multipurpose document scanning and management utility that does quite effectively whatever is asked of it. Although what the app offers is more than enough considering it’s free, we would love to see the addition of a full-fledged PDF viewer with annotation tools, and the option to natively add digital signatures to the scanned documents.

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  1. Thats is sweet, how many times unnecessary paperwork clutter and poor scan speeds has stymied great work, well not anymore.

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