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Handy Scanner: Convert Photos Into Print-Ready PDF Documents [Android]

Fresh to the Android Market, Handy Scanner is a useful, well-crafted document capturing app that helps you transform captured photos into print-ready documents using five different image enhancement filters, and an automatic document edge-detection feature that can prove to be very handy while capturing page after page of a document that you plan to print later. In a nutshell, Handy Scanner aims to save you from the hassle of scanning and importing your documents into your computer to get them printed.

Handy Scanner lets you capture and import as many images that you wish to convert into documents. It also has a native document editor using which you can make your photos look more like real documents, and save them as high quality PDF and/or JPEG files. The app lets you add various documents as separate sheets so that you do not lose trace of the files relevant to a particular project. Created documents can then be shared with your colleagues and friends on the go.

To help you understand its working, the app provides a tutorial of its 5-step process of transform captured documents into scanned PDF docs at startup.


Once you’re through with the tutorial, you’re taken to the app’s main interface from where you can access your saved and Starred Sheets. Tapping the plus icon at the top lets you import required images to the app’s built-in editor. You can either grab a fresh image (allows capturing multiple images at once), or import one from local storage.

After an image is imported, the app automatically detects the corners in the contained document and displays an adjustable frame around it. Press the arrow button at the bottom to proceed to the next step when you’re done.

Document-edge-detection-and-adjustment Enhancement

From within the screen that follows, you can rotate the image, and/or pick the required enhancement filter depending upon the document type that you wish to create. In the next step, provide a relevant name for the file, tap OK, and wait for the process to complete. Each created document file can then be further edited, exported as a JPEG or PDF file, or deleted altogether.

From the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings), you can adjust various document, scanning and exporting settings as per requirement. These include the Document Quality, Page layout, Page format, default Enhance Filter and plenty more.

Saving Settings

The app has both a free and Pro (paid) version in the Android Market. The free version lets you create only 20 free documents and 5 documents per sheet, and capture a maximum of 3 camera shots in one go. Moreover, it puts a watermark on your documents, contains ads, and limits your access to the highest quality render setting. The paid version removes all these restrictions for $2.60.

Download Handy Scanner for Android (Free)

Download Handy Scanner Pro for Android (Paid)


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