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Smart Memory Booster Is A Rich Android System Optimizer With A Floating Widget

Whether or not an Android memory optimization app enhances system performance is a disputed topic. Regardless of all the claims about Android being self-sufficient in handling memory resources, we keep seeing more and more memory boosting apps hit the market at frequent intervals. The latest to join the list is Smart Memory Booster that, as its name suggests, claims to be yet another solution to your Android device’s memory-related issues. Like most apps belonging to the genre, Smart Memory Booster tries to offer its users the maximum available memory resources to work with by terminating all such background apps, processes and tasks that are unnecessarily consuming memory. Optimization with this particular app can be performed at five different levels, ranging from gentlest (mild) to craziest (forced app termination). However, the most remarkable aspect of Smart Memory Booster remains its four different ways to boost memory. These include a notification panel toggle, a home screen widget, a floating widget, and rule-based automated optimization. Past the break, we shall explore in detail the level of customization each mode supports.

Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Home Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Auto

The app’s home screen sports a large memory usage meter depicting the current consumption of RAM in MB and percentage. This is where we get our first of the four available 1-tap modes of memory boosting. Tapping the large Boost button present in the middle of screen clears a considerable amount of system memory. The button at the bottom-left can be tapped to view currently running apps and terminate unwanted ones. Using various filters on offer, you can list out running services, visible tasks, as well as apps running in the foreground or background. The button at the bottom-right is meant to allow clearing the entire system cache with a tap. Don’t want a particular app/task to be killed during optimization? Just tap Menu > Ignore list to define your whitelist.

Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Running1 Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Running2

From the app’s main settings screen, you can play around with several key options. For instance, it is from here that you can select your preferred Boost Level. From the same screen, you may enable the floating widget, complete with desired auto-refresh interval, report style (quick toast, slow toast), screen position, transparency level and size. In addition, you have the option to enable and modify the home screen and/or the notification panel widget’s layout and behavior. Among other options, the app lets you set the haptic feedback behavior for whenever you perform a memory boost, and specify the number of recent apps that you don’t want killed during optimization.

Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Float1 Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Float2

Let’s now take a quick look at the app’s automated RAM optimization feature. In this regard, you can set the app to perform a memory boost each time the screen is turned off. In case you opt to avail this option, you have the choice of setting the preferred time delay (in seconds) before the operation is carried out. Should you wish to proceed with the app’s automatic boost feature, you can allocate a certain memory threshold (in MBs). If memory consumption passes this threshold, the app will automatically initiate the optimization process. Furthermore, you have control over specifying the boost interval between two consecutive optimization instances, and can also set the app to report in multiple ways each time a memory boost is performed.

Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Blacklist Smart-Memory-Booster-Android-Widget

In light of all aforementioned features, we have no doubt in putting Smart Memory Booster right up there along with some of the most customizable and effective Android memory optimization apps available in the market. The fact that is free and without ads only serves as icing on the cake.

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  1. The “memory booster” market on Android is the same as the “system/cache/registry optimizer” market on Windows – many apps do nothing, and many – make the things worse. The last time I tried similar app on android (just for the experiment), my phone started to reboot at random intervals.

  2. Recently I was about to move to a new device from Xperia arc due to lagging (mainly becuase of RAM issues), but after installing this app I’ve changed my mind.
    It is a battery hog but never mind as I have extended battery ( http://www.ebay.de/itm/350615491426?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_2324wt_1139)

    For all those who are having RAM issues, this app is a must.

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