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Stream Google Drive MP3 Songs On Android With Music Drive

In Google Drive and Google Music, the folks over at Mountain View have offered their users two truly competent and reliable universal cloud storage and online music storage & streaming services, respectively. However, to the dismay of a considerable majority of users, there is currently no way to link both services together to access your Google Drive music files from Google’s dedicated music service, and vice versa. This ultimately means that you can’t stream your Google Drive music files from the Google Play Music app. With the Google Music service currently available in only select parts of the world, most regular Google Drive users can only wish that the service’s companion app for Android would let them stream their favorite music tracks on the go. As it currently stands, the official Google Drive Android client doesn’t support this feature, and there aren’t many solutions available on the Google Play Store in this regard either. Enter Music Drive, a simple, free Android app that allows live streaming and seamless playback of MP3 files in your Google Drive storage on your Android device.

Although Music Drive isn’t the most ideal alternative to Google Music, it does save you from the hassle of downloading one track at a time from your Google Drive storage.


Once you authorize Music Drive to access your Google Drive account, the app scans your cloud storage for all MP3 files, and sorts them under three main tabs, namely Songs, Albums and Artists. Other than sporting a handful of conventional music playback controls, such as play, pause, next, forward, shuffle and repeat, the app is void of any sort of configuration whatsoever. The unavailability of the simplest of options, like manually refreshing content, simply indicates that the app is far from complete.

However, what goes in favor of Music Drive is its ability to seamlessly playback your Google Drive music tracks in the background, read ID3 tags of songs to display relevant info (including album art) in the music library, as well as the player itself, keep you notified of the currently playing track via a status bar notification, and allow controlling music playback from the lockscreen.


Note that the app’s current version in the Play Store is 0.0.2, which clearly suggests, as mentioned before, that it is currently under development. The developer has already announced a couple of features that he intends to incorporate within the app in upcoming updates. Besides playlists, we would love to see a home screen widget, option to natively upload and download tracks to and from Google Drive, a functional notification panel widget and folder support for music playback.

To wrap it up, unless Google itself decides to bind both the aforementioned services together, or powers the official Google Drive Android app with music streaming support, Music Drive might just your best bet for now.

Download Music Drive For Android


  1. Not meaning to be a troll, but why promote this App? I have drive for files (other the Mp3) and Play Music for my tunes, Why bother to save mp3s to Drive when there is unlimited storage in Play Music?

    • A user with Play Music access can rightfully think that way, but what about those who currently don’t have the luxury of storing and streaming their music direct from the cloud, as you can? Hence, this particular app offers a solution to users belonging to both groups. To Play Music users, it’s an alternative music streaming source, whereas to Drive users, it’s probably the only solution of its kind.

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