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Control VLC Media Player With Dell & HP Laptop Build-in Remote

hp remote

Most laptops now come with a build-in remote control but they are all configured to work with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center only. With the growth and popularity of VLC Media Player, there comes a dire need to control it with the laptop’s build-in remote control.

Meet VLC Dell XPS Remote Control Plugin. It is a small plugin that allows you to control VLC with Dell(and HP) laptop’s build-in Remote Control or Media Buttons. Even though the developer has only tested it on Dell XPS M1330, it is reported to work with Dell XPS M1710, Dell XPS M1530, Dell Studio , Dell Vostro 1310 , HP Pavilion, and Dell Inspiron 1520 laptops.

Having HP Pavilion Dv5t(pictured above), I can confirm that it does indeed work with the build-in remote control. Your luck may vary depending on the model number. Give it a shot and let us know if it worked for you.

Download VLC Remote Control Plugin


  1. hi,
    my remote had got struck in its block, its not moving . it is half inside and half outside. how it can get removed

  2. i have a m1340… the plugin partiallyworks…
    i have the same problem with FFWD and REW… also, the mute doesn t work…

    and the plug-in needs VLC window to be on top in order to work, else if VLC in minimized or in the system s tray, the media controls don t work…

    nice try though…

  3. I too am having problems with the fast forward and rewind.

    also, the only way to turn my volume up and down outside of VLC is with the remote or by clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar. my touch slider panel thing is now just a night light.

    reinstalling the HP driver disables the VLC remote and fixes it but id like to just use both. like it knew to do when i ran media center.

    any ideas? thanks!

  4. Is there anyway to remap the keys? It works great but on my hp the fast forward and reverse buttons do not work.

  5. I found the driver that activates the remote, its here (it doesnt matter if its not your model as long as its from around 2 to 1 years old.



  6. downloaded and installed in seconds, and it worked right away:D Thanks
    I have a HP pavilion dv9700 and had no problems at all
    thanks again(Y)

    • Hi Joshua and Øyvind,

      I also upgraded to Win7 and now the remote its not working, could you post the link to the driver you found? I have been looking for it since December and its impossible to find (I´ve got dv6885 se and its not posted on the support page) Any help would be largely appreciated.


  7. Can i assume you have windows 7 on that laptop? I have this same laptop (dv5t). same remote. After installing win 7 my remote worked fine, but then an action center popup said my IR receiver was not working properly, to dowload a new driver they gave me the link to. I did that and since then my remote has seized to function.

    • Well I guess you need to uninstall this driver and reinstall the old driver back to get the remote working. Don't trust Action Center popup again. 😉

    • lol. I went to hp.com and found their driver, installed it. works fine now. Thanks. Also, i can control VLC now. Awesome!

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