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Arrange Text Into A Multi-Column, Newspaper-Like Format [Chrome]

Newspapers and magazines arrange text into columns for effective reading, since readers tend to lose focus and get distracted when reading long lines. Text Into Multiple Columns, a Chrome extension, offers users with a new way to arrange text content into well-balanced columns. The selected text is kept in context of the page, with images and logos. Once you’ve installed the extension, simply select some text or paragraph and click the button in the toolbar to split the articles into multiple columns for better readability.

When you come across articles with long lines, click the button in the toolbar to break these large chunks of text to multiple columns, with shorter lines. These columns and shorter lines then allow you to focus on text and provide you with easier reading.

text into multiple columns

Text Into Multiple Columns can be useful for people who regularly read articles online. It turns online articles into a newspaper like format and lets you focus on text.

Install Text Into Multiple Columns For Google Chrome

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