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Collect, Organize, And Share Your Ideas, Notes Or Thoughts Online

It happens with everyone that while using a computer they tend to come across some idea or a thought. Most people note such things on some word processor like notepad. But what if you have to write a note in your office computer, then at your friend’s computer and then finally at your own computer. How would you gather all these thoughts, ideas, or notes in one place? Luminotes is an online wiki notebook organizer where you can note down anything you want and access them online. In short, it is just your online notebook.


Suppose you have to write a novel and come across thoughts while enjoying with your friends, you can grab any computer, login to Luminotes and write everything down there. In this way it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It also provides you tools to share your notes with your friends. You can check this page to see how it can help you.

Another way it can come useful is when a student group have to prepare some notes. All students in the group can prepare the notes together by joining, writing, and editing them together.

welcome to wiki

Most sites require you to learn some markup codes in order to start writing in your wiki notebook, but Luminotes makes it easy,

Luminotes is a WYSIWYG personal wiki notebook for organizing your notes and ideas. It’s designed for note taking and note keeping without the hassle of learning special markup codes. You simply start typing

There are different packages, the free version gives you 30MB of free online space and you can invite your friends to view your notes. If you want more storage or multiple collaboration where multiple editors can join and edit some notes, you will have to upgrade the package for a small monthly fee. Enjoy!

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