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Colorwheel: Convert HEX & RGB Values, Preview Colors In A Pop-Up [Chrome]

Getting colors to look just right or finding the best color theme for a website’s design is critical because websites being developed nowadays are works of genius. They combine minimal design, functionality and possibly some of the best color themes you can image to make a good website. If you’re a designer or just thinking of having a website designed, it’s a good idea to play with colors and developing a good sense of which colors render well. There are many apps and extensions out there that let you preview different colors using HEX and RGB values, but most of these are way too complicated. Colorwheel is a simple Chrome extension that converts HEX and RGB values and lets you preview colours in a pop-up. All you need to do is enter HEX and RGB string values in the universal input bar, the output for which will be displayed right there. Clicking on the preview box places the content of the box into the universal input bar. Users should also note that HEX values can be entered with or without the hash tag.

After installing the extension, simply enter HEX or RGB values. When you enter a RGB value, the resulting HEX value is instantly generated in the pop-up and vice-versa. The color bar is displayed at the very bottom of the pop-up, which allows you to preview colors

popup colorwheel

The extension is rather basic and while it’s a good way to get started if you are somewhat clueless about colors, it is likely you won’t use it long once a better color sense develops. What would make it more useful and perhaps likely to be used longer is if the developer would add a means of putting colors side by side to compare them or if a color picker could be added so users can sample any color they see on a web page and combine it with other colors. As basic an extension is, there should at the very least be a color wheel or palette that lets you explore colors instead of confining you to the ones you can enter by code.

The extension is a quick solution for converting and previewing colors between RGB and HEX, especially when you don’t have time to use advanced and complicated tools. Colorwheel can particularly come in handy for web designers and developers, and can be installed from the link below.

Install Colorwheel For Google Chrome

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