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Create An Obscure Email & Hide Your Online Identity On Any Site

How reluctant are you about sharing your email address on different sites? Not all sites that promise not to spam you follow through and you often end up a target for mass e-marketing campaigns. Even if a site doesn’t spam, you might still prefer to sign up in stealth and for that you resort to dummy emails. The real problem arises when the service you’ve signed up for sends crucial information to you and you’ve either forgotten which dummy account you used to sign up or you don’t remember the logins for that account. Not Sharing My Info is a free web service that provides a cover up email that you can use on literally any site to sign up. Sites never see your original email ID but all their mail still find its way to your inbox.

Not Sharing My Info

To get an anonymous email, enter an email address on the site. The email can be either the one you use everyday or one that you don’t use frequently and gets relatively fewer mails. The site will generate an obscure email that you can use and all email sent to that address will be forwarded to the original ID it was created for.

Anonymous email

To cancel forwarding from any one of your obscure email ID simply visit the site and enter the address you want to stop receiving email from and deactivation instructions in your email.

Cancel forwarding

A chrome extension is also available, which can generate an obscure email ID whenever you enter an email address on a web page and click the extension icon.

Anonymous email chrome plugin

The advantage of the service; you don’t need several different dummy accounts, you don’t need to remember passwords to several dummy accounts, you never miss emails from services and your real email will always be safe.

Install Not Sharing My Info! Extension For Chrome

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