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FilesHut Can Search 50 File Hosting Sites & Filter Results By Format

If you’ve used FilesTube, then you know being able to search multiple sites at once can make your life infinitely easier. FilesTube searches the popular file hosting sites like Megaupload, FileServe, FileSonic etc. FilesHut is a similar web service that crawls over 50 websites in its search, including the same popular ones that FilesTube does. You can even filter search results by format. Please note that FilesHut is a search engine, so it will not help you bypass pay walls or speed up downloads. The make or break with this service lies in how relevant the search results are to your query, and that it boasts crawling more services.

The layout of the service is fairly simple; enter a query – whatever it is you want to search for – in the search bar. If you’re not particular about the format, hit search. By default, the search result will show files of all formats. To restrict the search to a particular file format, click All next to the search bar, and select the file format from the dropdown menu.


In addition to searching files, the site tells you what searches are trending, lets you revisit recent searches that you’ve done on the site, and see files that have just been added to the websites it indexes. The site does not guarantee that you won’t come across inappropriate content; it indexes file hosting sites and it is entirely possible that some adult content is uploaded with the same name as Disney’s latest animated movie, so practice caution when you download a file.

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  1. Hi, we run fileshut. Thanks for the article. We are tweaking the search algo to make results more relevant now. Also, the bigger our DB gets, the better results we can produce. As the site is still new, things will get much better in the new few weeks. Thanks again for your awesome post!

    • Try searching for anything on any file sharing website, and mostly what you’ll get is “irrelevant” result, because that’s how things have been uploaded over there. FilesHut is merely a crawler – nothing more nothing less – so it can hardly be held responsible for any irrelevant returns. It just reports what it mines, without adding anything or taking something out.

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