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Fraze.it: Find A Variety Of Phrases From Popular News Writers [Web]

Being lost or falling short on words is something that can happen to anyone although, it’s a condition that is more likely to appear when you’re nervous. Of course, being short on nerves is something that can effect writers as well, especially those that do an extensive amount of writing on a daily basis. Fraze.it, a search engine for phrases, can help you enhance your write ups with more appropriate phrases. This web application has more then 100M phrases indexed, all coming from top newswriters. It supports six widely spoken languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Furthermore, find phrases by Generic/Famous Quotes categories, search the definitions of words used in phrases, and translate phrases between multiple languages. Fraze.it has a large collection of phrases for each term, and uses different popular sources, such as NewYork Times, The Economist, CNN, and several others.

Fraze.it has an auto search feature that can be turned on or off by using the tiny button under the search bar. Right next to the search bar, you will also find two drop-down menus; one for changing the language, and the other for switching between the Generic/Famous Quotes category. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese are all supported by Fraze.it. Enter a word, click the Search button, and find phrases using that word. It’s that simple!

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Furthermore, you can filter phrases by Form, Rule, Zone and Context. The Form category has three basic options: Interrogative, Negative and Exclamative. Next, the Rule filter allows you to filter phrases by placing the keyword either at the beginning of the sentence, or at the end. Filter phrases by zone, which can be either US or UK. The last filter, Context, allows you to filter searched phrases on the context of usage, such as Business, Art, Military, Style, Technology and more. filter

Click the tiny arrows in front of each phrase to access three further options, Translate, Define and Context. The translate option allows you to choose a language from the drop-down menu, which consists of an extensive list of languages. The result of the translation is given right under the original phrase.

The Define option allows you to click on each word in the phrase, and find its definition. Multiple definitions are displayed right under the sentence itself. Finally, the Context option allows you to view the actual source, and see how the phrase was used in the original article.


Fraze.it is completely free, fast and easy-to-use, giving more power to your written message. Visit the link given below and try it out.

Visit Fraze.it


  1. btw – you can translate/define any word directly from the search result 
    by pressing the CTRL (or SHIFT) key and then click on the word.


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