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G New Doc: Create Google Docs Documents, Presentations & More [Chrome]

Google Docs is a great online office suite with powerful features for creating, editing and sharing documents. Google’s implemented several changes to make it easier to access Google Docs like the omnipresent Google Bar you see at the top of all its services and the launch of Google Drive. Both make it easier to access all your documents but you will have to, at the very least, be on a Google service page to access it from the browser. For faster access to all your files or a shortcut for creating a new file in your Google Drive, there is G New Doc a Chrome extension that allows users to have the benefit of a single click access to Google Docs. You can create a document, presentation, or spreadsheet and more, without having to open Google Drive. To do so, click the button, specify the type of document, and as you do this, Google Docs will open in a new tab, and you can start writing content.

Once installed, you can create new documents by clicking the “G” button present next to the address bar. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to create Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Drawings, and Tables. An All Items option can also be found at the bottom of the pop-up, which opens Google Docs homepage.

pop-up g doc

The extension acts as a shortcut that will minimize the process of accessing Google Drive, opening the Create menu and then selecting one of the document types to create. It also puts Tables(Beta) in a more accessible position. You cannot easily access it from your Google Drive interface via the Create options.

Folder access would have made the extension far more useful. While it might be a cause for clutter if all folders in your drive are listed the same way the document options are, it might be cleaned up if folder access were put in the form of a tree directory. A quick link to documents and folders that have been shared with you would also be a welcome addition. G New Doc does not allow you access to the Script option that is present as a sub-menu in the Create menu.

G New Doc is a simple but useful extension that provides Chrome users the ability to create documents without having to open Google Docs separately, and has no options or settings, whatsoever. Simply install the extension and start creating different items in Google Docs.

Install G New Doc For Google Chrome


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