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GNews: Get Google News In Chrome & Receive Desktop Notifications

Want to stay in touch with the latest top stories around the world while you work online? GNews, a Chrome extension, regularly notifies you with Google News based on your preferences and selection of different categories, such as Sports, Business, Technology, Top stories and more. The GNews button counter in the toolbar shows the number of new posts, whereas the real time desktop notifications keep you apprised of the latest happenings. Furthermore, the news are displayed along with image previews. A GNews button is added right in the toolbar, which, when clicked, displays news in a compact pop-up. When individual news items are clicked, original websites where the news content is retrieved from, are opened in new tabs. The settings can also be accessed from right within the pop-up.

Click the button in the toolbar to access Google News in a compact pop-up, which comes with news, bookmarks and Settings options. This pop-up is scrollable, and allows you to bookmark your favorite news content. To bookmark a particular news item, simply click the star icon displayed next to news titles. When clicked, the stars will turn yellow and the news content will be added to the bookmarks category.


The GNews Settings offer users with a list of various News Themes Selection. Select particular themes depending on your preferences. A few themes are based on your location, and bring you the latest events happening in your country or city. Also, enable the show browser notifications for new post option if you want to receive desktop notifications.


Desktop notifications are displayed regularly, letting you stay in touch with the world while you work or browse the web.

desktop notification

GNews is a perfect tool for all the news junkies out there, who want to stay up to date with world news at all times. With it, you no longer need to access multiple news websites, so visit the link below, try it out and let us know if you like it.

Install GNews For Google Chrome


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