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Google Fast Flip: Read News Fast

With high speed internet, content and media rich web pages are becoming common. This certainly is very appealing to the reader and brings information in front of you in form of text, high quality images and videos. But on the other hand, rich media is making the browsing experience slow. How would you feel if it takes you 10 seconds to flip a page of a print magazine. This is certainly frustrating. You would certainly want a seamless flow with rapid flip forward to your desired content.

Update: Google Fast Flip project has been discontinued.

Google noticed this problem and today Google Labs has got a new toy in the form of Google Fast Flip. Google Fast Flip ensures the best possible experience that a reader can get. Reader can flip through the news and articles as you can flip the pages of a print magazine. You can browse sequentially through News, headlines , popular articles and feeds.

Google Fast Flip_1252997829981
On the home page you can get all kind of information and News under different categories. You can flip through the pages like a print magazine until you find something useful. Moreover, you can share the content with your contacts. Fast Flip acts as an aggregator, you can search for News over many top newspapers and magazines.

To make this products successful, Google partnered with many top publishers like New York times, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Salon, Fast Company,ProPublica an Newsweek. These partners will share revenue earned from contextaullay relevant ads.

A mobile version of Fast Flip is also available with tactile page flipping for Android-powered devices and the iPhone.

mobile4 mobile1

In short, you can fast sequential browsing in natural magazine-style navigation with recommendations from friends and community and acentralized place for a selection of large amount of information.

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