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Group Reddit Saved Links – Group Saved Reddit Links By Type [Chrome]

The front page of the internet as Reddit is called, might be the first thing many people open the second they go online (or get to work). It is a great place to find whatever is trending on the web, get a few great laughs after a hard days work or ask random people anything. Here’s how the drill goes, you visit Reddit, love something, up vote it, share it and save it for a rainy day when you might need a good pick me. The great thing about Reddit; save the stuff you like, come back and visit it any time. The not so great stuff, when you come back to visit it, it will be a long list of links. While users who submit content to Reddit classify what it is they are sharing, it only benefits so far as to tell you what it is you’re clicking on. Group Reddit Saved Links is a Chrome extension that sorts your saved links by type; whether you’ve saved images, AMAs, videos, etc, based on what category an item was submitted to or which subreddit it belongs to, your links will be classified so it’s easier to browse them.

Once installed, the extension works in the background, all links you save are automatically grouped and classified and do not require you to add tags or names to them manually. The extension doesn’t work as a bookmarks sorter, rather it makes use of the tags already applied to links when they were submitted and will work for all links you save even before installing the extension.

saved  reddit

Install the extension and refresh Reddit. Visit your Saved tab and everything will be sorted by type and subreddit.

Group Reddit Saved Links

While the extension provides a great way of sorting saved links, it can stand for additional features like allowing you to sort them in some chronological order or by the number of up votes.

Install Group Reddit Saved Links Extension For Chrome


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