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Hojoki: Unified Workspace For Group-Management Of All Your Cloud Apps

For those who work with a multitude of cloud services, especially if they all cater to a different type of online content (social media vs. online storage, for instance), sifting through those all at the same time can become really annoying. That is perhaps the main reason why there are so many web apps that let you keep track of all the activity on all your cloud services, and get a real-time vision of, say, a team’s input for a project. Recently, we covered a service called BusyFlow that allowed you to manage all your cloud-based apps in a single interface. Hojoki is a similar web application that retrieves content from a range of services and displays them in a central, unified workspace. Supported services can then be accessed directly from the news feed, which can be shared between a number of team members. Additionally, content can be filtered by different categories, and individual files can be accessed with a single click. The feed updates whenever someone in the team updates a file, creates a new one, or performs any other action. Hojoki lets you access all your tools and team members on one page, so you can always discuss important points and stay informed. Update: Hojoki is now available on Android, iPhone & iPad as well.

To start off, simply join the service via Facebook or Google, or create a fresh account with an email and password.


Next, the service will let you connect with all your apps. Integrated apps include CloudApp, Delicious, Beanstalk, Evernote, Github, Dropbox, Google Contacts, Google Drive & Docs, Google Calendar, Twitter and various others.


Once connected to all your chosen apps, you will be able to view files and activity from them as a news feed. You can then share your updates with other workspace members. You will also be able to create a workspace and add contacts to it. Your integrated apps will be displayed at the top right corner of the page, along with an option to sign out of the service. In addition to that, you will be able to filter content by Contacts, Files & Folders, Conversations and Tasks & Events criteria.


Having one central, unified place for all your cloud-based apps lets you manage and organize your work more effectively. Hojoki lets you  perform all of your important tasks without having to open multiple tabs or windows. It is free for now and only requires a simple login, although paid features may be added in near future.

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Update: Hojoki is now available on Android, iPhone & iPad as well. You can read our review of the mobile client here.

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