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How To Create Free Online Video Conferencing Season With Fonomo

Want to have a private video chat with someone? You don’t need to use Skype or any Instant Messenger. Fonomo is a free online service that lets you create a video conferencing session instantly. It is a dead simple online app which requires no registration at all and is 100% free.

fonomo logo

Note: This web service has been discontinued.

To being, just click on Private Chat and select Copy&Paste URL in Invitation and click Next. It will then display a URL which you have to share with your friend or co-worker with whom you want to chat. Once he has been notified, click Continue.

invitation for video chat

Now just allow the software to access your webcam, when your friend joins, you will be able to see him and vice versa.

accept webcam

You can create as many seasons as you want. Enjoy!


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  • Videoconferencing

    Nice post very interesting I am really pleased to post my comment.. I gotta say videoconferencing is very useful it is a big help for us especially in business industry..

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