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IBM Docs Is Google Docs Like Online Office Suite With Advance Share Options

IBM Docs is a Google Docs like, cloud-based Office productivity suite to create and manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It not only lets you easily create professional-looking documents, but also share them with others. Moreover, it allows you to add users for collaborating on documents in real time; you can also restrict collaborators from editing specified section(s) of the document. IBM Docs comes with advanced document share options, letting you share your files with only community users, keep documents available for both registered and unregistered users, and privately share files with specified individuals.

To begin, create an account, and you will be sent an email confirmation to activate the account. After you get the email, simply click the Launch option to start working with IBM Docs.

IBM docs beta


When you click the Launch button, it will open the Files page, where you find file management and sharing options. You can either choose to create new documents or click Upload a File to upload OpenOffice documents. Other options in the menu include, Pinned Files, My Files, Shared With Me, Shared By Me, Public Files, Trash and Pinned Folders. It also allows you to create folders to organize the documents. Furthermore, you can sort files by, Name, Updated, Downloads, Comments and Recommendation tags.


IBM Docs provides Google Docs-like sharing options, letting you share a document publicly with anyone in a community and share it with only selected users. As mentioned earlier, IBM Docs comes with a feature that allows you to assign specific sections of documents to other users. You can share documents with a Person or Community, as a Reader or Editor; just select these options from the drop-down menus, and add an email ID or person’s name to share the document.

share file1

Each document you create comes with multiple options, such as Edit, Upload New Version, Share, Add to Folder and More Actions ( Stop following, Edit Properties, Add Comments , Download as PDF or Microsoft Office Format and more). As of this writing, IBM Docs is in beta testing phase.


During testing, we found numerous bugs. For instance, when we downloaded a document, all we got was an empty file with no text. Hopefully, all the known document exporting-related issues will be fixed in the next version.

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