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Import Albums And Update Facebook & Twitter Feed From Google+ [Chrome]

You might be one among many others to join in on Google Plus but leaving your Facebook world behind might not be so easy especially if all or most of your friends have remained faithful to it. People have of course realized that until the social network scale shifts either in favor of Facebook or Google+, users will want to integrate their lives such that they can keep up with both. Start G+ is a Chrome extension that integrates your Facebook and Twitter feed in your Google stream and lets you post updates to either or both  from your Google+ page. It also makes sure you know when you’ve got new mail by adding a notification next to the Gmail link in the Google bar. As an added feature, the developer’s site also provides an effective method for importing Facebook albums to Google+.

Start G

Once installed, refresh your Google+ page, Facebook, Twitter and Start G+ icons will be added next to your account settings button in the Google bar. Click the Facebook and Twitter icons and add your account(s). You can choose to view updates either in your  Google+ stream or separately below Sparks.

Google  facebook

Facebook feeds appear immediately but Twitter feeds take a little time before they start showing up. Updates can be posted simultaneously to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Simply add an update and check the Facebook and Twitter icons if you want the update to be posted there as well.

Google  status update

The developer of the extension also provides a way to import your Facebook albums to Picasa by visiting their site. Import will only be possible for Chrome users; you can export albums in bulk or individually to Picasa although transfer is a bit slow and might test your patience if you’ve got huge albums to export.

Start Google  image import

The extension also adds a new email notification count next to the Gmail link in the Google bar but for it show an accurate number, you’ll have to keep Gmail open in a separate tab. It may just be a bug that could go away soon since the developers are actively making improvements and removing bugs from the extension.

Install Start G+ Extensions For Chrome

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