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Internet Explorer Compatibility In Chrome With IE Tab Classic

Google Chrome’s extensions are rapidly increasing, and their library is full of plenty of useful additions. Even though Chrome is one of the best browsers out there in present, there are still some websites that are not compatible with Google’s offering, or with any other browser other than Internet Explorer. Specifically, websites like Outlook web access and SharePoint rely solely on IE proprietary technology. So how to view these websites best with Chrome?

IE Tab Classic is another Chrome extension that addresses this issue. It loads a webpage with full Internet Explorer compatibility inside Chrome, hence eliminating the need for switching browsers.

It adds a little IE icon in your address/search bar, clicking which will open the current webpage in IE compatibility mode. A new bar beneath the original search bar will indicate that the extension has been activated.

Chrome Extension IE

The extension worked fine in our test with latest version of Chrome browser running on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Install IE Tab Classic (Google Chrome Only)

For more, you may also check out this extension.

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