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Marginize Is Like Foursquare For Websites; Lets You Check In At & Comment On Any Site [Chrome]

Marginize is an innovative Chrome extension that acts as a hub for people to discuss websites. It adds a sidebar to the browser wherein users can check in at sites, view what others are saying about them and add their own comments. The extension even collects and organizes social media content (Tweets, Facebook updates, Google Buzz comments etc.) about a website within the sidebar. Another interesting facet is that users are awarded badges for check-ins. For example, a user who checks in the most at any particular website becomes the curator for that page. Sound familiar? That’s right. The concept is very similar to that of location-based social network Foursquare and its ‘Mayor’ badge/title, awarded to users with the most frequent check-ins at a certain place.

You can click the button in the toolbar to toggle the extension on or off. Once the extension has been enabled, you can expand the sidebar to displays a stream of recent comments, a field to enter your own comments and a record of recent visitors. In addition to that, you can check in into any website. Comments and links that you’ve liked can also be shared with your buddies on popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


You can click the Setting option in the pop-up to access your profile, which is automatically created once you log in via Twitter or Facebook. The Profile allows you to view Recent Activity, Top Sites and Badges.


Marginize is a clever extension that makes use of existing social media content for each website and allows you to check-in or comment, with only a click or two. It lets you feel like you’re engaged in a real public conversation, and with it, you can see what others are saying about a website, and even become a curator for any webpage.

Install Marginize For Google Chrome

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