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Open New Tabs To The Immediate Right Of Active Tab In Firefox

Always Right

When working with several tabs, we often require opening a new tab related to the current page. However, in Firefox, by default a new tab opens next to the last one. This is quite annoying when one has to move over to the twentieth tab to view a web page related to a current page. Always Right is a Firefox extension, that automatically opens a new tab to the right side of the existing active tab.

There are no configurations required to use Always Right, as  it is a simple extension meant to help users elude a common annoyance. Users also do not require restarting Firefox after installing it. For those people however, who may be more accustomed and willing to keep their new tabs at the end, might not find this extension useful. Nonetheless, for people like me who have to work with several tabs and prefer opening each of them next to the current one, it is a welcome blessing.

Always Right Extension for Firefox

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