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Publish Sync For Google+ & Facebook Adds Two Way Status Sync In Chrome

Ever since Google+ launched, people have been trying to cram their life on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter in it, looking for all means possible to keep up with yet another social network. We’ve covered a few extensions that allow you to update your Facebook and Twitter status from Google Plus but Publish Sync For Google+ & Facebook is a Chrome extension that works two ways and allows you to update your Google+ and Twitter status from Facebook and vice versa. The extension adds a sharing option on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The extension is different because instead of just adding a sharing a status update fromm Google+ to Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to share an update from any one site to the other ones. The extension adds a small icon that looks something like the bean stalk growing in Jack and the Beanstalk to the navigation bar in Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Click the icon to connect all accounts.

To update your status, start typing in the status update bar in either Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Checkboxes will appear under the status bar allowing you to check which sites you want to share the update on.

The extension also supports sharing of links, photos and videos across sites that support it, i.e. you can share a video or photos that you post on your Facebook wall to your Google Stream. The extension also lets you post updates on Plurk.

Install Publish Sync For Google+ & Facebook Extension For Chrome

Update: This extension is no longer available in the Google Web Store.

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