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Quick Screen Share – Remotely Share & Control Desktops Sans Sign In

When collaborating remotely with either clients or colleagues, you often look for the best way to communicate with them. Whether you use messengers or web or desktop applications, you ensure that the solution is feasible for both of you. Throw in to that the need to share screens and things get complicated because screen sharing will depend on a lot of things like what program or service you use and the connection speed on both ends. A popular way for sharing screens is via Skype but if you or your colleague have a slow connection it might not work very well. Quick Screen Share is a free web application that lets you share your screen with anyone, view the other person’s screen in return and allows either of you to take control of the other person’s system. So long as your browser supports Java, this is a convenient way of sharing and remotely controlling desktops. No registration required!

To start a screen sharing session, visit the site and choose one of two options; Your Screen (which will share your screen with a friend/ colleague) or Their Screen (which will allow you to see the other person’s screen). Enter a name and click Start.

Quick Screen Share start

Copy the link that is provided and share it with your friend. Both of you will be prompted to allow Java to run if you don’t already have it enabled. The link you share can be used only once.

Quick Screen Share link

If your friend receives the following prompt from the app, tell him/her to click No in order to start the session.

QuickScreenShare prompt

If you’ve requested to view your friend’s desktop they will see a countdown and their screen will start showing up in a separate window on your desktop. To remotely control the other person’s system, click the Request Control button in the lower left corner of your screen.The person on the other end will have to allow you access to their system. Once allowed, if your friend moves his/her mouse you loose control of their system and must click the window again to regain control. Your mouse will be accompanied with a small box that has the same name you entered when starting the session so that you can both tell which is your cursor.

Quick Screen Share

To share your screen back, click the Share Back button in the lower left hand corner. Click Start to begin sharing your screen. You can pause or end sharing any time by clicking on the pause and stop button in the small control bar that appears in the lower right hand corner.


If you and your friend both share screens, i.e., a two way share, you’ll see something like the following on your screen.

Quick Screen Share two way sharing

It’s a screen within a screen, within a screen, within a screen…think screen sharing Inception style. You can view the other person’s screen in full screen mode and they in return can also control your system. Once both of you exit screen sharing mode, the connection will end and the link will you shared will become useless.

Visit Quick Screen Share

[via Lifehacker]

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