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Rokker: Clutter-Free Music Streaming Powered By YouTube [Web]

YouTube is one of the best online music services out there, it has a massive music video collection but also has loads of other unnecessary content displayed on its website such as related videos, comments, ads and much more. Rokker a brand new web app that brings you the same collection and content from YouTube but with a more slick and manageable interface. It displays YouTube videos at the bottom left of the page which can easily be enlarged. Furthermore, If you’re interested in buying a song, you can simply purchase it through Amazon. Rokker also gives you the ability to sign up for an account and create your own playlists.

The player controls at the top of the interface let you play/pause, skip or go back to a song and control the volume. To search for a song, simply go to Home and enter your song/artists name in the search bar.


To access and create playlists, you will have to sing in. When going through a list of songs, just click Add To Library in order to add the song to your playlist. You can also replay a song and enlarge the video using the buttons displayed below the video.


Rokker.fm is specially recommended for people who would prefer a clutter free interface. The web app is still in beta stage while its Mac and iOS apps are still in the pipeline. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

Note: This web service has been discontinued.


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