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Set Chrome’s New Tabs To Automatically Open At The End Of Tab Strip

When you have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome and open a new tab, it opens right next to the parent tab that the new one originated from. So, lets say you’ve got three or four different websites open, each time you open links in new tabs, they will open right next to the tab of the related website. Chrome basically groups tabs according to a domain, but this can be really confusing particularly when you’ve got twenty or more tabs open at a time. New Tabs At End is a nifty little tool that opens tabs at the end of the tab strip, making it easier to access them.

Normally, when we open tabs in Chrome they open right next to the parent tab.

chrome tabs

Once you’ve installed the extension, it works automatically and opens tabs at the very end. This allows you to access new tabs quickly and easily.

new tabs at ened

New Tabs At End is a handy extension for all those who find it difficult to manage tabs in Chrome, and want to open tabs in a similar way to Firefox. Install the extension from the link below and let us know what you think.

Install New Tabs At End For Google Chrome


  1. Firefox switched to opening tabs next to parent like 2 years ago? It may have the setting to turn it off but the default is the same as chrome nowdays.

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