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Share Huge Files Online With Unlimited Storage Capacity Using Fyels

Sharing big files over the internet is somewhat limited; it’s restricted by size limitations. If you want to share big files you have to cough up a subscription fee for a premium account. Fyels is a web service that raises the bar on file size limits; while Dropbox gives you a cloud drive of 2GB to fill anyway you want, Fyels gives you unlimited storage capacity and lets you share files of up to 9GB at one time, for free.


You don’t need to sign up for an account to start sharing, you can drag & drop files and a URL will be generated where you (or anyone you share the URL with) can view and download it. To sign in to Fyels, all you need is a Twitter account. Using Fyels with your Twitter account lets you view and delete the files you’ve uploaded and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Compared to Dropbox’s free account that lets you upload files as long as their total size doesn’t exceed 2GB, Fyels’ 9GB upload and unlimited capacity, all for free, is cloud storage taken to the next level.

Visit Fyels

Update: The web service has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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  • commenter

    Its not Fyles, its Fyels.

  • SFdude

    So, you gave us all the PROs of this service.
    What are the CONs & caveats?
    (In any review, I appreciate a balanced view of a product or service…).

  • Kim (dk)

    It’s a brilliant tip! I have been using dropbox for a long time with great success, but I often use dropbox for quick sharing of big files which, as mentioned above, requires subscription. I only see one problem with this product and that is it´s hanging on my browser at 13,2% – but I believe with a little more testing it will do very well. 🙂

  • Arthur

    Is it really 9GB, because 9Gb is only 1.13GB?

    • It’s really 9GB. The developer fixed it, check it out on the site. It now says 9GB

  • markiz

    after i made myself a chrome shortcut app, i have now started using this instead of windroplr.

  • Eduardo

    I wonder how they profit from this. I’m always scared from a service if I can’t see a way for them to profit, makes me think they’ll eventually shut down.

    • Giovany

      As you say, they shut down. (Wow you can see the future!!)

  • drew

    The site is offline now when I checked today :(… I had 900 gigs of files all backed up on multi places but that site was the best. I will miss it :(:(:(