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Shut Up: Toggle Comments On/Off On All Popular Websites [Chrome]

Comments can be both useful or an absolute waste of the internet space. It’s mostly unmoderated forums and websites where you can see useless comments festering and no matter how much you try and keep yourself from reading the random jokes, innuendoes, or the fights, it’s often hard to stop reading. These comments, found across some very popular websites, are purposeless and can be a source of distraction, or even annoying for some users. If this is the case, and if you prefer a clutter free interface without the comments section, then Shut Up is a Google Chrome extension that can be of great help. This extension elegantly removes the comments section, and hides them by default, while letting you turn them on when you feel like reading them. Shut Up remembers all those websites where you turn on comments, and shows them the next time you visit the same site.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can toggle the comments section on or off for almost any website by clicking the button in the toolbar. By default, Shut Up hides the comments on all websites, but when you want to give some feedback, you can simply turn it on by clicking the Shut Up button in the toolbar.


The Shut up Options allow you to remember websites, where you have enabled comments, so when you visit these websites again, the extension wont hide the comments, saving both your time and effort.

Shutup options

As per tests, it can hide comment threads that use Disqus and Facebook as a commenting platform and is more than likely to work on most popular forums. The extension isn’t just meant to keep you from wasting time reading endless comments that may be profane or plain ridiculous but it’s also a way of freeing up space in your browser window. While you can always practice a little self-control or only read the first ten or twenty comments, the extra viewing space isn’t something that you want to pass on. Ironically, the extension will also hide comments or the number of comments for a post on Reddit. Even though comments are literally part of the site’s DNA, this extension will successfully hide them and keep you focused on those kitten pictures.

Shut Up is quite useful for those who often find themselves easily distracted because of the unending comments on websites. Grab the extension from the link below, and hide all those crazy comments.

Install Shut Up For Google Chrome

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