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EaseUs Todo Backup Now With Centralized Management & GPT Disk Support

In 2009, we reviewed EaseUs Todo Backup, and later covered the updated version 3.0, which introduced differential disk and file backups. Recently, this backup tool received another update. Version 4 of EaseUs Todo Backup has come with a number of new features, including a more compact interface, support for GPT disks, and an easy management console for managing multiple installations of EaseUS Todo Backup clients.

If you have used the previous version of EaseUs Todo Backu, the the first major change that you will notice, is a more simplified user interface. Instead of splitting the various backup and recovery options in various tabs, they have been now placed on the Home tab. The other tabs on the main interface have been reserved for the management, logs and upgrade option. The Home tab provides options to quickly backup and recover data from a disk/partition, clone a partition or a disk, along with some quick links to handy tools that provide disk image check, creation of a bootable disk, wipe data, mount/unmount and convert image utility and the option to enable PreOS.

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS has introduces a new Central Management Console, which provides ann easy way to manage all EaseUS Todo Backup clients. It has bee designed to help advanced users, like IT administrators, to remotely deploy backup plans for multiple installations of EaseUS Todo Backup clients on a LAN. The below diagram demonstrates the utility of the centralized management console.


Another major addition to version 4.0 of EaseUs Todo Backup is support for GPT Disk backup, recovery and cloning. GPT provides a flexible method for partitioning disks, as GPT disks partition format is well defined and self-identifying. GPT disks use both primary and backup partition tables for redundancy and CRC32 fields, which delivers improved partition data structure integrity. Each GPT partition has a unique  GUID, so no coordination is necessary to prevent partition identifier collision.


You can find out more about EaseUs Todo Backup version 4.0, from the link given below. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download EaseUs Todo Backup

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