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Split Screen Splits Your Browser Window To Show Two Websites [Chrome]

Tabs made browsing easier with fewer open windows and the ability to group our work in separate windows. There are times though when you need to view two pages at the same time and tabs can’t help you there. If you’re watching an instructional video and would like to read the help text as you watch it, you can  choose to switch between windows or you an use Split Screen extension for Chrome.

Split Screen

Split Screen installs as a button next to the OmniBar. Clicking on the button opens a new tab with two embedded windows. A URL bar is present for each window. The URL bars cannot be used for searching in Google (or any other search engine). Once you know which two pages you want to view side by side, click the Split Screen button and copy and paste the URL in the windows. Both windows scroll independently of each other. Refreshing the tab (or selecting reload from the context menu) , will wipe both windows blank and return them to their default position. If the ‘back’ button on your browser is clicked, it will return both pages to their respective previous page.

Install Split Screen For Chrome


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