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Tabulate! Lets You Send Multiple Open Tabs To Others At Once [Chrome]

The process of sharing a bunch of open tabs with your friends or colleagues can be a monotonous task and if you’re easily distracted by repetitive work it gets all the more annoying to do. Not only do you have to copy-paste each link separately, but you might often mix up which links you’ve already and to whom. This task can not only take forever, but can also be quite frustrating. Tabulate!, a Chrome extension, makes this whole process dead simple by letting you send a list of all your open tabs to someone else as a single, shortened URL. The extension simply creates a link to a list of the tabs open in your current window. It uses the Bridge URL service to create the shortened, unified link, which leads to a page with individual links to every page, along with an option to open all links at once.

Once the extension is installed, a button is added right next to the URL bar. Click this button to create a link, during which a Creating your link message is displayed in the pop-up, after which the link is instantly created and automatically copied to the clipboard. The pop has a whole bunch of buttons that allow you to share the link on one of many social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr or Pintrest etc. You must be logged in to your account to share the link.

If the links that are being sent have one or two that you would prefer not to share or just ones that are irrelevant, you can edit and remove them before sharing the link. Click Edit Links just below the link and the panel will expand  to reveal each one of the links that have been copied from the current window with a small cross at the end appearing when you move your mouse over it.

The BridgeURL link leads to a page with all the links. You can either open all tabs separately, or open all of them at once by clicking the Open all links at Once option displayed at the bottom of the page.


The extension is very well thought out and seems to have the basics covered as far as customization options go. It’s also fast and more responsive than most extensions are when it comes to extracting information from an open tab. More importantly, it gives you a consolidated solution for sharing multiple links.

Install Tabulate For Google Chrome


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