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Track Your Kid’s Facebook Activity With Minor Monitor

We know that you care about your child’s well being and feel protective for them, but you cannot keep them under your wings at all times, can you? As internet penetrated our lives, various strangers gained access inside our houses in the form of social networks, chat services, forums and what not. Minor Monitor is a web service the can help you track the nature of your child’s activities on Facebook, without having to shadow them each time they log on to the infamous social network. It is a free web service that requires you to login with your child’s Facebook account once, and the app will retrieve your child’s photos, friends lists, status updates etc, for the previous 180 days. You also have the option of linking more than one Facebook account with Minor Monitor. More to follow after the break.

Minor Monitor does not require a lengthy registration process; you can start tracking your child’s moves with just an email address. You would be requested to enter your kid’s Facebook user name and password once you have registeredThe web service takes a few seconds to retrieve your child’s account information.

minor monitoe gret

Minor Monitor will retrieve an overview of the number of friends your child has, their photographs, the nature of their comments( a good way to check his profanity vocabulary!), all in a nutshell. There are tabs at the left of the browser window where you can go through your child’s Activity, Photos, and Friends list in detail as well.


There is an Alert tab in the same menu that lets you know about any new activity of your child on Facebook, whether they have commented on a post, or uploaded a photo etc.  An Add Child button below the same menu lets you connect another Facebook account with Minor Monitor, in case you want to track the Facebook activities of multiple children.

add child and alert

Minor Monitor is a good way to keep an eye on your child’s activities, but the web service interprets your child’s behaviors on Facebook in a slightly over the top manner. So, try not to get too worked up if you see 70% use of profanity or 80% Drug & Alcohol reference; reality can be considerably different. Services like this are a valiant attempt at protecting children from online threats, particularly cyber bullying. It is, however, an equally good idea to sit you kid down and talk to him/her about using social networks the right way and teaching them how to keep themselves safe.

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  1. So, my question is, what happens if someone is tracking an adults account activity without their knowledge? Great tool for a stalker?! How does one then stop someone who has managed to get their hands on your password once from getting all your details? Obviously changing your password won’t help or this program becomes ineffective. Not sure I’m comfortable with programs like this. Does the permission of the account holder not need to be taken into account?

  2. just Facebook is not OK to monitor your child.What will you do when your child uses another device?
    You must have another option for this step.

  3. Is it realtime or does it only retrieve the information when you begin your query.  It would be absolutely pointless if it does the latter.  

    It also doesn’t inspire confidence that they used a foreign language conversation and flagged english profanities.  That’s just silly.  

  4. This has been an invaluable tool keeping track of my kids. I definitely feel safer using it to keep a somewhat unobtrusive eye on what they’re doing on Facebook. I especially like that I can adjust how sensitive the monitoring is so I don’t get a bunch of false alerts.


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