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View Google Calendar Events And Get Notifications In Firefox

A calendar, like the time, is something that you want to be easily accessible and the more accessible, the better. Since it’s something that everyone uses, you can’t really say which is the easiest and most convenient place to put it but for those who prefer to use a calendar (and Google Calendar no less) from their browser, Google Calendar Watcher is a Firefox extension that lets you view all events and entries from your Google Calendar in your browser.

Google Calendar Watcher

Before you can start using the extension, you need to add your Google Calendar feed to the extension. The extension can only support one calendar at a time. To add a calendar, go to your calendar settings. In the Calendar Details tab, go to the Calendar address options. Copy the XML link and paste it in the Calendar Feed and Copy the HTML link and paste it in the Calendar URL in the extension’s preferences.

Google Calendar Watcher Preferences

According to the developer’s instructions (they appear in the side bar when you first install the extension) you must set your calendar’s share settings to public if you want the events to appear in the side bar but testing revealed it wasn’t necessary to do that and that events start to appear once you add the XML and HTML address to the extension’s preferences.

Once the preferences have been set, you can mouse over the extension icon and see the day’s events, you can click the extension to open upcoming events in the sidebar or you can right click the icon and select Show Calendar to view a pop-up of the calendar in your browser. You can also view an event’s details when you mouse over Show Details in the side bar.

Google Calendar Watcher Preview

The not so great thing about the extension; it has an option to add a new calendar entry which failed to work during our tests. For whatever reason, it wouldn’t add a new calendar entry.

Install Google Calendar Watcher For Firefox


  1. I guess if you make it public, then you would be able to add events. If you mark it private, you can only view events

  2. Hi, thanks for the description and review! I am the developer of the add-on and am currently in development of a new version that has a lot more features and fixes quite a few bugs. You will be able to add more than one calendar (and add entries to the calendar of your choice), plus it now has an enhanced UI and plenty of other new features! Watch this space 🙂

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