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Vizualize.me – Import LinkedIn Resume To Create Interactive Infograph

An infograph has the potential to make the world’s most boring information seem interesting; take for example the number of active users on Twitter or Facebook or the history of Star Trek or Television. Normally, you would run from anything that hinted of history but an infograph makes both useless and useful trivia easier to read and remember. Vizualize.me is a free web service that takes your resume and turns it into an infographic. The service lets you import your resume from your LinkedIn profile, edit it and create an interactive online resume that you can link to. The resume generated displays details of your information when you mouse over a component e.g., work experience at a particular organization. You can choose from six different infographic styles and customize the color theme any way you like.

The service requires you to sign up and you’ll need an invite code to do that. Go with ‘vizme’, and start connecting your LinkedIn account (code taken from the Vizualize.me’s Twitter feed). The service pulls information that you’ve added to your LinkedIn profile but does not import any PDF or Word file of your resume that you may have uploaded.

vizualize me

Once the information has been imported, you can start customizing and editing it. From the expandable left panel, you can add skills, interests, languages and recommendations (from LinkedIn) under the Profile section. 5 skills, 6 interests and 3 recommendations are displayed (you can choose which ones if you have more than 3). The service offers 6 different inforgraph themes that you can pick from the left panel. Additionally, you can change the colors, fonts and background on any theme.

vizualize themes vizualize backgrounds

To add a skill, language, interest or recommendation, go to the profile tab and click Edit next to the item you want to add or edit. Unchecking any of these four options, removes it from your resume. From the dialog box that opens, add a language or skill etc., select your level of proficiency. Click Save after you’ve made the changes.

vizualize add language

The service gives you a URL to share online. The inforgraph is interactive; hover your mouse over different areas and it will provide further details (as per your LinkedIn profile). Direct links to your LinkedIn profile and Twitter profile (if you’ve added it) are provided at the bottom of your resume. The service plays on the concept that people find infographs easier to use and far more appealing. Designers are perhaps apt at creating these types of resumes themselves but for the average professional who can barely use MS Paint, this is an excellent way to showcase your skills to potential employers.

Visit Vizualize.me

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