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Wikistream: Get Live Updates From Wikipedia [Web]

Wikipedia is possibly one of the most amazing sources of information online for the simple reason that it was created by the very people who use the internet. New articles are constantly added, and existing ones are continually updated as the repository swells every day. While the site is mainly thought to be used by students looking for easy information, it actually enjoys a far larger and more diverse user base. For people who actively contribute to Wikipedia, or those who would like to monitor a new topic for changes, there is no easy way of doing it. Wikistream is a handy web application that allows you to view real-time updates from the online encyclopaedia.  You can filter streams by language, restrict the updates by type and character and also read hourly and daily trending articles.

The service has a fairly basic interface, with all options displayed at the top, while streams are displayed on the rest of the page. To get started, choose which language you want to see results of. Wikipedia is available in over 200 languages and it is more than likely that you can’t read at least half of them so, narrow the results down to any one language. Next, select what type of updates you want to see in the stream. You can narrow it down to Article, Category, Category Talk, File, File Tlak, Help, Help Talk, Media, Media Wiki, Media Talk, Project Talk, Special, Talk, Template, Template Talk, User, User Talk or just Wikipedia.



Next, narrow the results further by selecting to view updates made only by a Wikipedia user, the Wikipedia bot or an anonymous user. Finally, use the slider to limit the notification by characters. When set to 0, you will see every single update there is, even if it is very small. The stream will update very fast and many of the updates will be very trivial. Increase the number of characters to 500 (or more if you like) and you will only see updates of that many or more characters. The maximum number you can restrict the updates to is 1000 characters.

At the top of the page, you will find a Press “p”  to pause, Trends and Set background to a recent Wikimedia Commons image options. Sometimes when the updates are being displayed too fast, simply press p to pause the page. Users may also click the Trends option to either view the Hourly Trending Articles or the Daily Trending Articles.


Wikistream hourly and daily

The service is smart and keeps you up-to-date with the latest articles on Wikipedia. Wikistream can particularly come in handy for the Wikipedia community and writers.

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