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How to Set Up Apple Pencil (All Generations) With Your Apple iPad

Apple Pencil is the perfect precision stylus for iPads when you need to sketch, draw, color, edit PDFs, or take notes. It has the minimum latency so that you get the real-time feeling of using a pencil in the digital age.

If you’ve bought a new Apple Pencil or already have one but don’t know how to set up Apple Pencil, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn the best tips and tricks.

How to Set Up Apple Pencil (All Generations) With Your Apple iPad

How to Set Up Apple Pencil: 2nd Generation

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is compatible with various iPad models like iPad Air (4th Gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st gen) and newer, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen) and later, etc. Here are the steps to set up the stylus with a compatible iPad:

  • You need to utilize the magnetic connector of the iPad to set up an Apple Pencil 2nd gen.
  • You’ll find the magnetic connector strip at the center of the edge of the iPad.
  • It’s on the edge where you also find the volume up and down buttons.
  • Once you’ve located the magnetic strip, place the Apple Pencil on it.
  • The stylus will stick to the edge of the iPad.
  • Almost immediately, the iPad will show a visual notification on the screen to connect the stylus.
  • Just tap on the Connect button on the screen to proceed.
  • You can disconnect it from Settings > Bluetooth > the Apple Pencil > Forget

How to Set Up Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

How to Set Up Apple Pencil: 1st Generation

  • The 1st gen Apple Pencil utilizes the lightning port of the iPad for setting up a connection.
  • Just remove the pencil cap on the back of the stylus. By the way, it’s a magnetic cap.
  • Then, insert the lightning connector into the iPad’s lightning port.
  • You’ll now see a notification on the iPad’s screen.
  • It should say Bluetooth Pairing Request: “Apple Pencil” would like to pair with your iPad.
  • Tap Pair to accept the connection.  

The gen 1 Apple Pencil stays connected with a compatible iPad until you restart the device, switch off Bluetooth, or put the iPad in Airplane mode. Also, connecting the stylus with another iPad will sever the connection with the existing iPad.

How to Set Up Apple Pencil: Troubleshooting

Toggle Bluetooth Off and On

Apple Pencil and iPad communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology. Hence, if the Bluetooth frequency is busy connecting with another accessory or just not responding anymore, you may face challenges in pairing an Apple Pencil.

To resolve the connectivity issue, switch off and switch on the Bluetooth service. You can do that from the iPad’s Settings app > Bluetooth

Properly Charge the Apple Pencil

A common cause of the connectivity issue is battery level. Charge the Apple Pencil more often to increase battery health and avoid the inconvenience of connectivity issues. 


Whether you’ve got the 1st gen or 2nd gen Apple Pencil stylus, you’ll find all the necessary setup tips and instructions above. Moreover, if you face any challenges during setup, we’ve listed some self-service troubleshooting as well. 

Hope you’ve got the best answer to your Google search query for, “how to set up Apple Pencil.” 

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