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Best Free iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks For Your Newly Jailbroken Device

Earlier yesterday, Team Evad3rs released the much-hyped evasi0n jailbreak tool for setting all iPhones and iPod touch devices – including the latest iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G – running iOS 6 or 6.1 free from Apple’s shackles. Now the first thing most people do after jailbreaking their devices is actually downloading apps and tweaks from Cydia that they jailbroke for. In this post, we’ll be discussing a few of the most useful free jailbreak tweaks tested to work on iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G, that you should install right now!



Taking a cue from the quick toggle settings found in many Android devices, NCSettings allows users to quickly enable/disable WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Location Services, Auto Lock, Rotation Lock, and adjust settings like Display Brightness and Volume. It is available for free at the ModMyi repository.

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I’m a big fan of f.lux on the desktop; the utility automatically adjusts your display’s ‘hue’ setting based on the time of the day to best suit your eyes. It can also help make you sleep better at night. f.lux for iOS does the exact same thing on your iDevice, and it does it for free. You can download it from the Big Boss repo on Cydia.

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By default, you cannot hide the Newsstand app/folder from Springboard, but Ryan Petrich’s NoNewsIsGoodNews lets you do just that. You won’t lose access to any of your magazine and newspaper apps inside it though, as they will show up as independent apps directly on Springboard. You can grab it for free from Cydia.

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Siri started the trend of having a smart virtual assistant for answering short queries, but Google Voice Search completely kills it with its near real-time voice recognition and quick response time. It is especially great for pre-iPhone 4S device owners who don’t have access to Siri. You can get it for free from the BigBoss repository.

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Before NCSettings, SBSettings was the de facto jailbreak tweak for accessing toggles for WiFi, Airplane Mode, 3G, Bluetooth etc. quickly from anywhere on iOS. It still works great, is completely themeable and available for free on Cydia. It comes packed with Activator too, which is the base of many other tweaks that you’ll find on the store.


Text selection is pretty slow on iOS, and this is something you will truly realize after you see how SwipeSelection handles it. It makes uses of gestures like shift-key and one/two finger swipes to significantly improve moving your cursor and selecting text. We highly recommend it, especially for iPad. You can get it for free from BigBoss repo.

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%hook’s Law

Developed by famous iOS hacker chpwn, %hook’s law allows you to make animations throughout the OS more ‘springy’. It’s a neat little UI tweak that is available for free at the BigBoss repo.


With Zeppelin, you can easily replace the carrier name in the top-right corner with a custom logo like that of Batman, Pac-Man, Android etc. You can even add your own themed logos by storing them in /Library/Zeppelin on your iOS device. You can get it for free from BigBoss repo.

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I’m happy with using Helvetica on iOS, but for those of you who like using groovier fonts, Bytafont is the answer. There are hundreds of fonts available from Cydia that you can install and use after setting them up in the Bytafont app. It is available for free at the ModMyi repo.

Did we miss your favorite free jailbreak tweaks that work on iOS 6 for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G? Let us know in the comments below.


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