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How To Look Up Your IP With A Siri Shortcut On iOS 12

Looking up your public IP is fairly easy on any device. You can Google the information and Google’s own search page will tell you what your IP address is. On your desktop, you can run the IP config command, and you can also look up your IP in your network properties. On iOS, you can look up your IP from the settings app however it’s faster if you look up your IP with a Siri Shortcut.

IP Siri Shortcut

In order to view your IP address, add this shortcut to Siri Shortcuts. You must of course be running iOS 12 with the Shortcuts app installed. You will have to tap on the link from your iPhone (or iPad). Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code on the shortcut’s page. The camera app on iOS has been able to scan QR codes since iOS 11.

It will open the Shortcuts app and add the shortcut to it. Once added, you need to tap the shortcut. If the Shortcuts app doesn’t have permission to send you notifications, you should grant it permission because the shortcut displays your IP via a notification sent by the app.

Once you’ve added the shortcut, run it. You will get an alert telling you what your current IP is. This is of course your public IP and not your internal IP address.

This shortcut is obviously not meant for every user. The average user is rarely concerned with their IP address as its automatically allocated, and rarely required to configure anything. If you use a VPN on iOS, you might need to look it up on occasion.

If you’re worried about whether or not this is safe and if any of your information might leak, you should know that your IP address is public anyway. When you visit websites, they know what your IP address is. You might use apps and services to hide your IP address and in that case, the shortcut may not work or it might report a different IP address since your original one is hidden.

As for the shortcuts app, it doesn’t allow your information to leak. That is the good thing about iOS apps; you rarely have to worry about information leaking.

Since this shortcut is coming from outside the Shortcuts app gallery, you will see a security prompt confirming whether or not you want to run it since it originated from whichever browser you installed it from.

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