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How To Set Reminders Inside Facebook Messenger

Early last year we reviewed a neat Facebook Messenger bot called Jarvis. Jarvis lets you set reminders inside Facebook Messenger. The bot reminds you to do something via a message on Facebook Messenger. Jarivs is great for private reminders. You can use it to remind yourself to buy milk or call your mom. Facebook Messenger has a built-in reminder feature. This feature is geared towards group reminders. If you’re planning a day out with a friend, or a group of friends over messenger, you can add a reminder to the conversation thread. Here’s how you can set reminders inside Facebook Messenger.

Open Facebook Messenger and tap the plus button next to the text input field. A menu will pop up with several actions you can perform. Tap the ‘Reminder’ button; it looks like a little bell. Choose a time and a date for the reminder, and tap ‘Save’.

This is all you need to do to set a reminder. It will appear in the conversation thread as an unamed event. You can tap the reminder in the conversation to change the date and time. You can also give it a proper name so that it’s easier to remember what the reminder is for.

To give the reminder a name, tap ‘Name Plan’ under it. Enter a name and tap ‘Save’. The reminder’s name will be updated for everyone in the thread. To change the name again, tap ‘Change Name’ under the reminder.

When the reminder is due, you will get a notification from Facebook Messenger. The notification will include the name and time and date of the reminder. The reminder notification will include all these details even if you’ve hidden message previews for Facebook Messenger alerts.

If you have disabled notifications for Facebook Messenger, you won’t be able to use reminders. A reminder can include a location if you’ve enabled location access for the app.

Reminders inside Facebook Messenger aren’t the normal kind. As mentioned earlier, if you need a reminder for something personal, use Jarvis or one of the many other reminder apps available. If you need to send a reminder to several people at once, this is the tool for the job. It works because most people are on Facebook, and a vast majority of them have the Facebook Messenger app installed.

We should mention that a Facebook Messenger reminder does not sync to Facebook. You won’t get a notification for when the reminder is due in the Facebook app. Likewise, if someone only has the Facebook app installed and not the Facebook Messenger app, they will not be alerted either.

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