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Access Facebook From Mac Menu Bar With Facebox

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Are you looking for a simple Facebook client for Mac which doesn’t clutter up your desktop whilst offers almost all the important Facebook elements, such as, Profile, Friends, Notifications, and importantly Chat? Facebox is probably just what you need. It’s a lightweight Facebook client for Mac which resides in menu bar, letting you navigate through everything from your friends feeds, upcoming events, Inbox, to shared and tagged Photos, along with a simple chat window. The application, unlike many other Facebook clients, brings whole Facebook user interface to your desktop. All you need is to click on its menu bar icon to reveal your Facebook wall with options to open view Friends wall, Info, Photos, check notifications and a lot more.

Facebox is a totally distraction free and it doesn’t need any configurations and options to tinker around. Once you’ve downloaded it, launch it to login in with your account information. After you’ve logged in, click its icon to open your feeds wall. From Settings, you can quit it and enable launch on system log on option. Alongside Settings, you will find simple navigation button to browse through opened windows tabs and a refresh button to manually update the feeds. It runs on Mac 10.6.6

Install Facebox from App Store

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