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Adjust Screen Brightness From System Menu Bar [Mac]

You use your Mac for a lot of things – watching movies, reading, designing and what not – and it is well equipped to do all this, and more. The slight annoyance that you might often experience could be that the brightness of your screen, while great for watching a movie, might not be exactly suitable for reading. Brightness Slider is a Mac app that rests in your system menu bar, and allows you to control the brightness of your screen. More to follow.

Admittedly the app isn’t going to end world hunger, but it can spare your eyes a lot of strain, especially if you find yourself too lazy to actually adjust brightness when you need to. The app adds simple, sun-like button to the system menu bar, clicking which opens a vertical slider that can be used to quickly adjust brightness.

Brightness Slider

At the end of the slider, there is a cog wheel for accessing the app’s preferences, where you may set the app to start when you turn on your system. Using Brightness Slider is much easier than adjusting your monitor’s brightness, or even playing with Mac’s native preferences for doing so.

Get Brightness Slider From Mac App Store

[via TUAW]


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