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View Mac iCal Events From Menu Bar With Calendar

If you hate to launch iCal each time from dock just to view and create events, try out freshly baked Calendar. It’s a miniscule menu bar application which not only puts iCal events in menu bar but shows complete calendar with marked events to quickly find all the scheduled tasks. The application has the capacity to synchronize with iCal default and customized calendars events. Since iCal differentiates between two calendars, lets say, work and home calendars by colors, you will get to see events scheduled in both iCal calendars on Calendar in separate categories.

When you want to create an event in iCal, access Calendar from menu bar, and click the date to add event. It will open iCal, letting you create a new event. Once created, you can view it from Calendar menu bar.

calendar main

Hovering over marked event dates will reveal events along with specified time in left sidebar. The navigation controls let you browser through years and months, and button present at top left corner toggles week bar on and off.

calendar 2

Calendar works on Mac 10.6.6 and was successfully tested on our system.

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