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Create, Edit, Merge, and Shift Subtitle Timelines With Subs Factory [Mac]

After searching extensively for a subtitle, we end having a subtitle file which is either not properly synced with video FPS or has other font styling and screen position-related problems. If you’ve faced such a situation in the past, it would be better to have an application that can sync the subtitle file with specified video file whilst allowing you to change the way subtitle appears over the video. Subs Factory is such a utility for Mac which upholds the idea of doing whatever a user may want to do with subtitle file, this includes, creation, modification, synchronization, and concatenation of two subtitles files into one. With this app, you can also change the subtitle text, duration and position while watching the video in its native video player.

When the application is launched, you will see Actions and Palettes panes for enabling other included features and tools. The Action pane holds basic video and subtitle related  actions, such as, open video, open subtitle files, create subtitle, concatenate and so on. To begin, click Open a video to specify video file followed by Open Subtitle button to open associated subtitle file.

subs factory 1

From Palettes pane, you can reveal and hide given features and tools. For instance, if you’ve opened a video, you might want to bring up Controls (video controls) to play/pause and to head over to previous/next chapters.  Similarly, you can enable Editor, Shift, Search Replace, Text, and Table controls to edit the video, shift subtitle content timings, search and replace keywords from opened subtitle file, view subtitle file in raw format and subtitle table respectively.

If you have two subtitle files for each part of movie – CD 1 and CD 2, click Concatenate subtitles to merge the content and to append the timelines into single file. Aside from other controls for adjusting subtitles, Shift lets you manually sync the subtitles with video. Here, you can change the subtitle timeline and shift all the sub-sequent subtitle timelines according to your needs.

shift sub1

It works on Mac 10.4 – 10.6.

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