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Backup And Restore Firefox 4 User Profile With MozBackup

Firefox maintains everything related with browser main elements and users preferences in Profiles, these include bookmarks, add-ons, browsing history, cache and so on. Before installing Firefox on a new system, one has to make sure that Profile folder is backed up, so previously saved preferences, extensions, bookmarks, along with other important elements can be restored. If you’re a devoted Firefox 4 user, you might want a tool which can seamlessly backup and restore Firefox 4 profile folder. The previously featured Mozbackup, has been recently updated with many improvements, but the most worthwhile is; support for backing up Firefox 4 user profiles. For those who never heard of MozBackup before, it can also backup users profiles of Thunderbird, Sunbird, Flock, Postbox, Spcebird, Netscape and Wyzo.

Before launching MozBackup, make sure that Firefox is not running in the background. Now launch the application, select Firefox 4 from the list and click Next.

MozBackup 1.5 Beta 1 - Operation type

It will ask you to choose the profile from the list and backup location. If there is only one profile associated, click default followed by Next. In third step, choose Firefox 4 elements which you want to back up and click Next to begin the process.

MozBackup 1.5 Beta 1 - Components selection


The same procedure goes for other supported applications. MozBackup offers the quickest way of backing up Firefox profiles. With the recent update and improvements, it is unarguably becomes essential for Firefox 4 users.

Download MozBackup

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